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The Oscars Megan The Stallion

As the saying goes, “A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.” 

Megan showed up to the Oscars #Winning in all her unapologetic femininity, as she chose this dynamic curly hair extensions fro to express her power, in this moment after what’s been a very traumatic time in her life.

Megan was saying in so many words with her new curly hair extensions look - I know yall got caught up in the savage lyrics & looks, plus all the drama and trauma. So maybe yall forgot…and maybe I forgot, but let me remind us all… I AM A BLACK WOMAN!

The Oscars Megan The Stallion

As bold and sexy as Megan’s curly hair extensions textured fro hairstyle is, there’s a humility in the look. There’s a desire to be seen as a Black Woman that is living her truth. It’s giving “The Soft Life.”

Megan’s like, despite how you tried to shoot me down…literally, as a Black Woman – here I am… still standing.

The Oscars Megan The Stallion

Here’s why I love this texture moment so much:


This departure from her conventional European straight hair, to showcase her very own Type 4 texture, is a celebration of her beautiful coils in her most natural state.


You can see the shine on Megan’s coils along with the definition and balance.


Megan is taking up space unapologetically with her curly hair extensions “Naturalista Fro” - rooted in courage, grace and power.

We love you Megan and thank you for this inspiring texture moment. #SoftLifeApproved.

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