Sasha Curl + Layla Curl

Sasha Curl

Perfect 3b & 3c Curly Coily textured hair extensions. This top-seller presents an organic corkscrew pattern making it one of the best natural hair extensions for lower maintenance wet n go styling. Our Sasha Curl texture is the perfect induction for the textured hair novice because of its balance of texture and ease of control. This hair texture offers maximum versatility for wash-n-go, blowouts, rod setting, and more!

Layla Curl

4a & 4b Kinky Curly custom natural texture at its best! This custom tight coiled hair has an “S” pattern and provides glamorous volume and versatility. This texture is similar to our Jasmine Coil texture but is moderately looser in texture and, therefore, can be easier to manage. It provides a high-level texture that’s bold and beautiful. Layla Curl can be perfect for twist-outs and realistic ‘wash n fro’ styling. As with all of our True and Pure Texture hair extensions, this hair can be colored, blown out, and heat styled.