“31 Days 31 Ways” True & Pure Celebrates National Black Business Month

August 1, 2020 kicked off the 14th annual National Black Business Month (NBBM), which is a 31-day celebration highlighting Black-Owned businesses and their significance in the Black community. These businesses greatly impact the economy. Did you know that Black business owners account for 10 percent of U.S. businesses and about 30 percent of minority-owned businesses? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, that equals nearly 2.6 million companies owned by Black people, generating a revenue of roughly $187 billion! We at True & Pure Texture are honored to add to this legacy daily simply by existing, and we will continue to contribute to our community in every way we can.

While we do our best to uplift Black businesses everyday, the month of August affords us the opportunity to shed a brighter light on the excellence of Black entrepreneurship. It takes a lot of courage, confidence and perseverance to start a business, let alone a successful one. Add being Black to the equation, and that’s one more obstacle to overcome. Black entrepreneurs aren’t greeted with the same grace as our counterparts. Many of us face doubt, lack of support, have a hard time receiving financial assistance and bank loans, become subject to being copied without given credit and so much more!

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It isn’t easy, but the journey is rewarding and so worth it in the end. Black-Owned businesses are not one dimensional. In fact, of the 2.6 million companies mentioned above, a wide range of industries include Black-Owned businesses, such as healthcare, beauty, real estate, culinary arts, education, marketing, fashion, luxury, automotive, farms, churches, homeware… the list goes on! Not only are Black-owned businesses generating wealth and financial freedom, they are greatly contributing to the community by employing nearly one million individuals in total. NBBM Co-Founders Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton firmly believe that supporting Black business is the key to lowering the rate of Black unemployment. We couldn’t agree more, plus we’ve got the number to prove it.

We encourage you to support Black-Owned businesses often and to observe this month by doing so at least once a day - “31 Days 31 Ways.” Support looks like shopping and paying full price, sharing and engaging with them through social media, tagging them in online opportunities where you see fit, informing your friends and family about your favorite Black-Owned businesses, offering encouraging words via DM or other sources of messaging, submitting positive feedback and yelp reviews, and subscribing to their email lists, just to name a few.

We asked our True & Pure community to share Black-Owned businesses by tagging them in the comment section of one of our posts. We invite you to chime in by tagging the ones you know of, while learning about new businesses. Click here to visit the post and support a Black-Owned business today!

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