We wear our hair like a crown. Long, medium or short, Black people have always had a unique and distinctive way of styling our hair. In one of our last blogs, we discussed discriminatory experiences some Black women have endured in the workplace about their choice in hairstyles being deemed “unprofessional”. This time, we want to flex our range with the various styles we can achieve. Whether we opt for a wig or our natural hair, the possibilities are endless. True & Pure Texture Extensions is a brand just for you. Take a look at some of the unique ways we’ve customized our wigs and other bold styles that we love. We are so happy to have you! As you probably know, we stand proudly on our mission to uniquely serve women of color from diverse backgrounds by creating truly exclusive natural hair textures that blend in an organic aesthetic with the beautiful kinks, coils, curls, and waves that we possess.

And to give you an enjoyable, no-stress online experience. 

You have options, sis! Lots of them; from our bomb 100% Virgin textured lace wigs to the choice of The Perfect clip-ins to create the look you want easily or our U-Part wig for a convenient time-saving and ultra natural-looking piece;  figuring out your next look will forever be a breeze!

Turn Up the Volume

These editorial hairstyles were styled by founder and CEO, Pekela Riley using True & Pure Texture Extensions.

“This is one of our favorite textures: #SashaCurl, waved and diffused for a lil’ razzle dazzle.” -Pekela Riley

Personally, I would love to rock this hairstyle when it is safer to travel and New York begins hosting New York Fashion Week again. The finger wave and coily hair combo is bold and chic. Plus, one can never go wrong with adding a hairclip to kick things up a notch. Whether you’re attending an upscale event, posing in front of the camera for a photoshoot or going out to a fancy restaurant with your girlfriends, this is a style that is sure to have you saying “thank you” all day from all of the compliments you’ll receive.

“@magitareke is bringing on the fierce with this one! She’s rocking our #JasmineCoil clip-ins blown out and we love the fullness, body and volume this #texture gives. Let’s also get into how [sic] these clip-ins blend with her natural hair. Talk about hair GOALS!” - Pekela Riley

I would have never imagined that clip-ins were added to this voluminous look because of how natural this style is! It is quite challenging to find hair extensions that cater to an array of Black hair textures. The possibilities are endless with True & Pure Hair Extensions. It’s always so fun to experiment with hair.

“The bigger the pony the better!

Reminiscing on this stunner moment with @devorahstory in our #islandcurl texture.” - Pekela Riley

Okay, I’m getting serious Coming to America vibes with this look. The half-up half-down look is one of the most popular hairstyles for women. With the Island Curl texture, the soft, loose curls are alluring. Hair accessories can really elevate any look. The next time you try a True & Pure Texture curl pattern, try adding a fun clip or colored wire. Our hair is also safe to dye!

“Nothing is ‘more’ beautiful. Only Human. On this piece of naivete rests every aesthetic, it is a first truth of aesthetics. Let us not flex and add its second truth: nothing is ugly but insincere beings- the measure of aesthetic for me is defined between those lines.” - Pekela Riley

This gorgeous bun is gorgeous for the spring/summer season. The white beaded hair accessories add a tropical and refreshing vibe to this look. You can achieve this look by wearing our clip-in ponytails or clip-in extensions.

As you can see, Black hair is dynamic! Our hair texture defies gravity. That is the beauty of having many textures of hair. Be sure to check out our line of hair products and treat yourself to a new look. You deserve it!

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