True + Pure Celebrates National Hair Day

"Hair is the ultimate form of self-expression because even when you can't change your circumstances, you can always change your hair." - Pekela Riley, True + Pure Founder

October 1st marks National Hair Day, which honors all the hairstyles, products, tools and people who keep our hair healthy and looking its best! We at True + Pure Texture are ALL about hair; it's literally what we do. Like our founder Pekela Riley stated, "hair is the ultimate form of self-expression," allowing all of your beauty, creativity, style and uniqueness to outwardly show.

"The passion to uniquely serve women of color from diverse backgrounds begin my quest of meticulously sourcing, testing and ultimately creating truly exclusive natural hair textures that blend in an organic aesthetic with the beautiful kinks, coils, curls and waves that we possess." - Pekela Riley

Our founder's dedication to serving an under-represented community led her to the launch of this brand. We offer top quality textured hair extensions, wigs, closures, ponytails and more! Looking for hair that blends well with your natural kinks and curls will never be an issue with True + Pure. We cater to ALL hair textures, with a range of options such as Jasmine Coil, Relaxed Natural and Sasha Curl. In addition to our products, Pekela has crafted unique methods and techniques that make styling your natural hair easy. Our "Perfect Ponytail" is available in two textures - Relaxed Natural and Jasmine Coil - and deserves a spot in ever natural's beauty stash.

We celebrate hair every single day at True + Pure, but want to take the time to highlight our place in this industry on this day. We recognize that all hair isn't the same and requires its own type of love, especially textured hair. While it may be difficult to find beauty solutions for women of color and diverse backgrounds everywhere else in the world, that will never be an issue with True + Pure.

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