Experience the secret sauce to your texture…the magic to transform into anything you want to be.

Our True + Pure “ONE WOMAN EVERY TEXTURE” campaign is a celebration of self-love beauty, diversity and versatility in all of its infinite ways - within every woman of texture.

It features our very own texture queen “Soni” slaying every texture on the spectrum, from the tightest of gorgeous 4C coils, to the silkiest natural blowout, to the most tropical island loose curls and waves. 

True + Pure Texture is the global leader of textured natural hair extensions, offering you the widest array of texture beauty solutions to achieve any natural hair transformation you desire.

70% of the world has textured hair, and our six different textures are designed to match every textured hair type across the globe, from Relaxed Natural Blowout to Jasmine Coil-Kinky Coily. With our textured hair extensions, you can achieve any style you desire, whether it's a simple ponytail or a dramatic volumized fro’.

Every woman has a powerful story and journey she embarks upon to discover her self-love liberation. Our True + Pure Texture movement champions this to the absolute fullest. 

Sweetheart - we know it took a lot of versions of you to become the beautiful ONE WOMAN queen you are today. This campaign celebrates each of those sheroes within you - with any and every texture she could ever desire in her most beautiful and natural state of unconditional self-love, unapologetic confidence, and undisputed girl power!

Our “ONE WOMAN EVERY TEXTURE” campaign inspires you to be any woman you want…in every texture you desire!

Texture beauties, our magic is truly our ability to say, slay, show and prove this most liberating, omnipotent, and omnipresent self-love reality…


All you ever have to do is simply…OWN IT!

Shop any or every one of our diverse textures today and transform into that “ONE WOMAN” that can be any of the infinite goddesses you so lovingly and freely choose to be.

Also enjoy the following powerful stories behind our ONE WOMAN EVERY TEXTURE campaign:



Exclusive Deep Wave Curly Type 3 hair. This is our exclusive texture presented as large curly, loopy well - defined curls. This custom Human Hair Extension texture provides the perfect hybrid of copious curls and gorgeous springy waves.

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This Kinky Straight unique texture is not your average - everyday kinky straight. This natural hair blowout texture is visually organic in appearance, airy soft, and full of body!  This kinky s hair texture is a perfect mirroring of natural hair that has been blow-dried straight, providing desired straightness and subtle micro-texture for natural hair blending. 

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Afro Kinky Curly Coily Clip-Ins for highly textured beauty styling. This 4A HAIR, 4B HAIR, and 4C hair provides ultra volume, realistic texture, and style statement. Jasmine Coil texture is totally realistic for blending with most natural 4A HAIR, 4B HAIR, and 4C hair.

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Perfect 3b and 3c Curly Coily textured hair extensions. This top-seller presents an organic corkscrew pattern making it one of the best natural hair extensions for lower maintenance wet n go styling. Our Sasha Curl texture is the perfect induction for the textured hair novice because of its balance of texture and ease of control. This hair texture offers maximum versatility for wash n go, blowouts, rod setting, and more. 

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4a and 4b Kinky Curly custom Clip-Ins natural texture at its best! This custom tight coiled hair has an “S” pattern and provides glamorous volume and versatility.  The texture is similar to our Jasmine Coil texture but is moderately looser in texture and therefore can be easier to manage. Provides high-level texture that’s bold and beautiful.

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The perfect Organic Loose Wave (Natural Type 2 Hair) Human Hair Extensions. This soft, flowy Natural Type 2 Hair pattern blends well with relaxed, silk-pressed, and loose natural hair types.

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