Frequently Asked Questions

Our textured hair mimics natural hair therefore if the humidity is high, it swells and puffs just like natural hair. If you don’t condition and detangle the hair will tangle just like natural hair of that Texture. You must treat the hair the as if it yours. Moisture is essential and it requires detangling.

All hair lengths are measured when the hair is stretched straight. The curly hair shrinks 4-6 inches once curled. 16 inches- approximately 8″-9″ (on our tightest curl) 22 inches- approximately 18″ (on our tightest curl) accordingly looser or wavier hair types will have less shrinkage.

True & pure Texture hair is reusable for six months to 2 years depending on care regimen, and usage. Hair extensions should be treated like your real hair. After all it’s real human hair.

All texture hair requires moisture and the utmost care to prevent tangling and shedding. Leave-in conditioners and water works great to de tangle and/or refresh dry curls​.

So many versatile options to choose from! Our favorite go to styles are blowout & wanded, Wash ‘N” Go, Two-strand twist outs, braid outs or wet sets with perm or flex rods.

Straightening any curly textures of hair will loosen the curl pattern over time. We suggest using the rodding methods or very low heat to achieve the maximum curl retention.

All of our hair is unprocessed and natural in color ranging from a dark brown to a soft natural black. Please note you may need to color the extensions to match your current hair color. We always recommend that you have your extensions professionally colored.

These numbers and letters represent your hair type. 3B hair is usually in the shape of an elongated S-Curl. 3C hair is usually tightly curled with volume and can be kinky and densely packed together. Its curls are usually very defined, but fine in texture. 4A hair is thicker, yet tightly coiled in an “S” pattern. Our Layla Curl is the cross between 3C & 4A hair as it is densely packed together and coiled in a very defined “S” pattern. 4B hair tends to have more of a “Z’ pattern and is also tightly coiled. It mimics a cotton-like feel and is densely packed together. 4C hair is the kinkiest of all hair types, as it is very tightly coiled, spongy and thick. Our Jasmine #Coil is the cross between 4B & 4C hair as it is kinky, thick, full, and has a cotton-like feel to it.

Our hair can be colored to blend with your hair. Please note that coloring natural hair extensions or using bleach will weaken the strands and weft. All hair that has been colored will need a little extra moisture and care when to maintain it. While our hair can be colored, we cannot express any guarantees due to the variation of color techniques by each individual.  Once hair has been colored/bleached, we will NOT issue any replacements or refunds, no exceptions.  

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