TruTips™ (Microlinks)


TruTips™️- Textured Micro Loop I-Tip extensions 

TruTips is the faster and easier I-Tip hair extension install solution. It saves time and money by reducing the number of steps and tools needed for traditional I-Tip installation due to the micro-loops having the bead and pull-through ring already attached.

• Seamless Blending: Get the Look and feel of natural hair, adding volume and length easily with our trusted signature 100% virgin hair textures. 

• Full 360 movement: Our single strand methods allow for install 360 movement to allow for multiple style options and full comfort.

• Easy Maintenance: Move up the extensions with no residue or adhesive. Fast and easy maintenance and removal with no mess.

• Long-Lasting: These last 6-8 weeks and can be reused 1-3 times.

TruTips Micro Loop I-Tip extensions are one of the safest way of wearing I-Tip type hair extensions. Our micro loop extensions don't require any glue or heat to be installed, they're installed strand by strand. TruTips save time by reducing the tedious steps of traditional I-Tip installs. 

The micro loop extensions are lightweight, and easy to apply & remove. Each hair strand has the bead already installed at the tip. That bead is made of silicone, so that the Micro loop or extensions hold firmly to your hair despite no glue used. True + Pure Texture Micro loops extensions hold firmly to your own hair with no slippage when applied correctly. 

We’ve developed our textured hair extensions to blend seamlessly with all textured hair types. 

Our 100% virgin textured hair Micro loop extensions are available in 16,20 & 24 inch. Our shortest micro loop extensions are the 14 inch ones, they are shoulder-length extensions. As for our 18 inch hair, it's middle-back length extensions. 

Our Micro loop extensions current come in our texture faves of Sasha Curl (deep curly) + Relaxed Natural (natural blowout). 

How to install: Starting slightly off the scalp, simply feed a small section of real hair through the pre attached loop. Gentle guide the real hair through the loop then clamp close the bead.  (Placement will vary from person to personal need and aesthetic).