Our Story

By: Pekela Riley


As a natural hair expert, celebrity stylist, and owner of one of Elle Magazines' "TOP 100 SALONS" @SalonPK, I grew very frustrated with my beloved clients damaging their own natural hair to blend with silky mainstream textures that didn't meet our texture needs in mind.

The passion for uniquely serving women of color from diverse backgrounds begins my quest of meticulously sourcing, testing, and ultimately creating truly exclusive natural hair textures that blend in an organic aesthetic with the beautiful kinks, coils, curls, and waves that we possess. I'm proud to say that many of my beloved clients were integral and candid in this process. 

With passion and knowledge......and to be honest, intensive crafting and reiterations, at last, True and Pure Texture natural hair extensions were born!

We are a women-owned, black-owned, pro-stylist-crafted celebrator and provider of your unique texture....just more!

Peace and #TextureLove,