Are Curly Hair Extensions right for me?

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Whenever a woman decides to experience something for the very first time that she’s been longing for #RealBad – she wants it to feel good, fit nice, and hit right. Ain't that right ladies?

And guess what? Curly hair extensions are no different.

If you’re curious about transitioning into an elevated bodacious curly hair extensions style with your curls poppin #CurlsGoneWild - like nobody’s business, a real question you may be asking yourself is:

Are curly hair extensions right for me?

You want the truth? Well ummm…


Lmao…my bad, I recently saw this clip again from the movie “A Few Good Men” and couldn’t resist dropping the infamous Jack Nicholson line.

I digress.

Ladies, the truth is extensions can be right for anybody and work for anyone. The curly hair extensions solutions from True + Pure we offer you are based on 2 factors:

1. Desired Goal

  • What are you desiring to do with your hair, regarding leave-out? No Leave-Out, Little Leave-Out, or a Lot of Leave-Out.

2. Desired Expression of Beauty: What style do you feel most comfortable and confident wearing?

Once these 2 factors are in place you implement the appropriate method of install.

Let’s help you sort that all out.


This goal is for the curly hair girl who wants to take a break and go completely protective. She wants to protect all her hair and cover everything with absolutely no hair leave-out.

Curly Hair Extensions Solutions: You can wear any True + Pure wig in any texture:


True + Pure offers a variety of curly hair extensions wigs within an open range of textured types from 2A-4C. Included in this offering are the Glam N Go Headband Wigs and Lace Fronts. You can wear any curly hair extensions wig and it will work because you’re completely covering your hair – eliminating the need to blend or contend with any factors regarding texture matching.

The suggested method is to secure your hair in either braids, twists, or a wrap down to wear the wig over it in a glue-less manner.


This goal is for the curly hair girl that wants to enhance her length and volume like a wig, but she wants to show her own natural scalp and hairline to experience the best of both worlds. She definitely wants an embellished gorgeous vibe, but with a little leave-out reflecting her own.

With this particular goal it’s important to choose a texture that is the perfect match with your very own because it has to blend.

Curly Hair Extensions Solutions:

TruPart (U-Part)

Our Patent Pending TruPart innovation evolves from the U-Part wig and is currently offered for textured types between 3A-4C. The TruPart provides you with a hidden weft and small adjustable opening that allows you to show your natural scalp with up to 90% less leave-out.

Wefted Hair (Bundles)

The True + Pure curly hair extensions wefts are flawlessly machine stitched for durability and are offered in every textured type from 2A-4C. Our curly hair extensions wefts allow you to create a little leave-out for a traditional sew-in or quick weave.


Here we have the curly girl who wants her hair to be a big part of her normal style and does not want to exclude her real hair. She wants to pull off a free-flowing effect – as if to say: “Ohh I don’t wear weave…or at least you would never be able tell I do.”

Curly Hair Extensions Solutions:


Tape-In curly hair extensions are the fastest hair extensions method and the newest trend in textured hair installs, allowing for a lot of leave-out. This curly hair extensions method involves taking the tape-in extensions to sandwich your hair in-between for length, fullness and blend.

Tape-ins work best if you intend to wear your curly hair extensions for at least 6 weeks.

TruTips (I-Tips)

TruTips is the faster and easier I-Tip curly hair extensions install solution, saving a lot of time and money. The TruTip curly hair extensions method involves installing the hair partially or throughout the head as an I-Tip install where your hair is pulled through a loop ring and the hair is attached with a tiny micro bead – creating length and fullness.

Tru-Tips work best if you intend to wear your curly hair extensions for longer than 6 weeks, with the ability to wear it up to 12 weeks with tightening.

Wefted Hair (Bundles)  


For each of these curly hair extensions goals pertaining to your leave-out, there are three different expressions of beauty to best consider which True + Pure curly hair extensions styles work best for you:

  • Texture Match: The curly girl extensions option to achieve a longer fuller version of your exact curly hair texture match, ranging from 2A-4C.

  • Alter Ego: The alternative curly girl extensions option to a texture match. It’s the sexier, flirtier texture of your choice, different from your own natural curly hair, when you’re curious or looking for another aesthetical beauty adventure.

  • Functional: This is the practical curly girl extensions product based on its protective utility for the activities and need for an easy complete beauty solution each day. This can be for a vacation, traveling abroad, a new look for a new promotion, or simply living the soft life.

Also keep in mind the more leave-out you desire to have with your curly hair extensions texture selection, the more important it is to have an identifiable curl pattern. The less leave-out you desire to have, the more flexibility you have to play with any of our True + Pure curly hair extensions diverse textures – ranging from 2A-4C.

Now by all means sistas…lean-in to whatever degree of leave-out your heart desires.

And never forget who runs the world…#Curls!


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