BIG News: True + Pure Texture & Sally Beauty Supply

Posted by Pekela Riley on

True and Pure Texture Sally Beauty

Have you heard the news? We're going online with Sally's Beauty Supply! Soon, you will be able to purchase our True + Pure Jasmine Coil heroes on You will now have an additional platform to support us, which means we get to keep on blessing you with all this textured goodness. But wait... there's more!


Sally's Beauty Supply


In addition to going online, we also have the opportunity to featured in the stores! Can you imagine? True + Pure Texture on the shelves at Sally's Beauty Supply... a dream come true. As part of Sally Beauty's Cultivate Program, our founder Pekela Riley is elevating her platform and transforming the industry by having the first and only textured hair extensions to be listed on Sally's Beauty Supply website with the chance to be in stores.

True and Pure Texture and Sally's Beauty Supply Partner.

We didn't get here without your support, and we need your help to make this happen! In order for True + Pure to be featured in the stores, we need your vote. We've got to light Sally's Beauty Supply up and let them know that we want this for our community. Having True + Pure Texture in store at Sally's Beauty Supply will improve your overall experience with our brand in many ways, such as:

  • Touching and feeling our hair before you buy

  • Seeing the texture and quality in person

  • Utilizing Sally's Beauty Supply as a test point

  • Supporting a Black-owned business with a trusted partner

For a number of years, textured hair products have been underserved in mass retail spaces. Opportunities like this are major because it fulfills a need and provides representation for individuals with kinky, curly and coily hair. Don't you just love to see it?

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