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The Ultimate Texture For A Summer Fling!

True and Pure Texture Island Curl Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair

Whose all about creating that summertime fine self-love?  Whose searching for an exotic textured hair “Real Love” – something to set your hair free?

On the textured hair tip, let me gone head and remix one of my fav H-Town songs from back in the day, to set up the textured hair affair summer ride out vibe I’m talking about:

“Good lovin’, body rockin’ texture poppin all night long…

Somebody rockin’ knockin’ the ROOTS!

LOL! But for real for real, when we rock protective styles, our roots and hairline benefit because we change where the places of tension are on our scalp. “Protective styles tuck away our delicate ends and usually group the strands together. This gives them ‘safety in numbers’ – says Audrey Davis - Sivasothy, the author of The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care.

The summer is the PERFECT time to explore a new textured hair protective styling look – like our True + Pure Texture Island Wave!

True and Pure Texture Island Curl Two Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair


It’s gonna give you that exotic body wave to match the water wave activities you’ll be indulging in for all the vacations, staycations, cruises, resorts, beaches, swimming pools, and hot and steamy jacuzzi smooching sessions *wink wink*.

On top of all the fun summertime memories you’ll be creating, a protective style like our True + Pure Texture Island Wave allows you to indulge in the ultimate texture self-love by taking all the texture pressure off worrying about your hair – so you can relax, relate, and release with your natural textured hair 100% stress free!

Here's the 411 on our True + Pure Texture Island Wave to get your summertime fine poppin!

What is Island Wave textured hair?

Our True + Pure Texture Island Wave is our texture line that’s a soft, natural loose wave pattern that blends with relaxed, silk-pressed, and loose natural hair types. It’s a straighter texture you don’t have to curl. Our Island Wave texture hair products include Island Wave Natural Hair Extensions, Island Wave Textured Hair 4x4 Lace Closures, and our Island Wave Textured Hair Lace Front Wigs.

What’s the benefit of wearing Island Wave textured hair?

True + Pure Texture Island Wave is by far the easiest to manage and a major TIME SAVER! We’ve found the traditional care and maintenance steps for Island Wave are reduced by half the time of our Jasmine Coil 4C Texture.

True and Pure Texture Island Curl Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair

Island Wave allows you to live your best textured hair life by providing the combination of ease of maintenance with the flexibility of wavy or straight hairstyling. It’s flowy and fabulous in every way. True + Pure Texture Island Wave gives you the ease of straightness to create a beautiful wavy moment.

It’s the best of both worlds because you can get your swirl on with the very loose waves and curl. The Island Wave texture is amazing for creating visual movement and lots of smoothness to the textured hair look that can give you the appearance of effortless style.

Wearing the Island Wave also provides the textured hair benefit of not having to use the flat iron or straightening tool to keep that volume or smoothness in check.

Who does the True + Pure Texture Island Wave best serve?

In addition to women with a natural loose wave pattern (Type 2/Type 3A Hair) it blends perfectly with, the True + Pure Texture Island Wave is for ANYBODY who fits the following:

  • You want textured hair movement in a low volume body
  • You want texture but you’re not a super fan of big hair


Why is the True + Pure Texture Island Wave a great textured hair option for the summer?

During the summer when you’re engaging in the most water activities, the downer for textured hair women is the effect the water has on your hair. But when you get out the water when wearing our Island Wave, there’s a lot of sleekness built into the hair, and it’s easier to manage when wet. Because of the variation of a loose wave you’re able to detangle very quickly, and the post water activity maintenance is a lot more simple.

True and Pure Texture Island Curl Four Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair

What trends are making the True + Pure Texture Island Wave relevant?

Textured hair women are craving a low-maintenance function. Plus, we’re finding many natural textured hair girls are wearing their hair straighter – starting with straighter textured hair styles and extensions for blowouts. The intent is to wear a textured hair straight style with more body- ody- ody!!!

Sometimes our True + Pure Texture Island Wave is not worn in its natural state, its worn as a blowout starting with hair that has natural body. We love a bangin’ body above the head, just as much as we do below!

Why should women who already have loose wave textured hair wear the True + Pure Texture Island Wave?

We can sum this answer up in one word…VOLUME! There’s a desire amongst women of all textured hair types to have volume, which in many cases needs to be built in for that maximum fullness effect. For those textured hair women who have this exact loose wave Island Wave textured hair loose wave match (Type 2/Type 3 Hair) and have never worn extensions but are curious – just think Jennifer Lopez.

True and Pure Texture Island Curl Five Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair

J-Lo may have this loose wave texture – but you never see J-Lo without extensions. Island Wave extensions are great for women with a loose wave textured hair type because this texture can be very fine – so it can appear thin. Thus, it’s a game-changing benefit to volumize and make the natural textured hair appear fuller.

For textured hair women who have a tighter curl, and don’t have a loose wave texture, what True + Pure Texture Island Wave Texture product do you recommend?

We definitely suggest the Island Wave Wig , Island Wave Extensions . or the Island Wave 4x4 Lace ClosureWe’re typically seeing more and more textured hair naturalistas wearing the True + Pure Texture Island Wave as a full wig. The Island Wave textured hair closure and bundles can be used to create a custom wig, quick weave, or a full wig.

Our textured hair client can also wear a relaxed or smoother leave out with the Island Wave textured hair bundle extensions sewn in. She would use the extensions to have a couple of tracks sewn in or make clip-ins of them for volumizing. The Effect: Greater fullness to the textured hair.

What’s the maintenance regimen for the True + Pure Texture Island Wave?

With the True + Pure Texture Island Wave you want to rinse it out, put conditioner on it, and comb it through. While maintenance care to all our True + Pure textures are the same – Island Wave takes half the time to execute in comparison to our Jasmine Coil.

Ready to catch the loose wave Island Wave crave? Checkout our True + Pure Texture Island Wave options here – and if after you rock it like nobody’s business – show us a pic on Instagram @trueandpuretexture so we can reshare your beautiful textured hair moment!


True and Pure Texture Island Curl Six Type 2 Hair Type 3A Hair

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