Michelle Obama - Cover Curls

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Michelle Obama

We all know that Michelle Obama can do no wrong when it comes to politics, but rarely does she get enough credit for slaying hairstyles the average woman just can’t pull off. Whether she’s rocking straight hair or curly hair in a professional or casual setting, she exudes both grace and beauty while doing so.

Michelle Obama True and Pure Texture Essence Magazine

On the most recent cover of Essence Magazine, she’s wearing a curly weave look. It blends so well, it doesn’t even appear to be hair extensions! The dark hair texture highlights her skin tone and the natural curls take on a life of their own while pulled back from her face. Although she’s effortlessly stunning, with or without assistance, her hairstylist deserves credit for creating this cover-worthy ‘do.

Keep in mind that there’s more to healthy hair than just choosing the right products and sticking to a consistent hair care routine. Selecting the proper extensions matters, also.  Even if you’re simply attaching a wig, you should adorn your head with a high-quality brand of textured hair that welcomes never-ending compliments. That’s the only way to truly achieve #hairgoals status like our Forever First Lady.

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