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True and Pure Texture Natural Curly Hair Extensions

Close your eyes and envision the sweet smell of beautiful roses by the dozens! Then imagine the scrumptious taste of biting into juicy sweet chocolate dipped strawberries! Now lay all the way back and feel the cool sensation of whip cream placed upon you. But wait, that’s not for you…it’s for him!!!

Nothing like the excitement and love in the air that Valentine’s Day brings. It’s the ultimate date night where you have the star role for delivering on your mate’s fantasy! That’s why your hair game must be on point! Here’s my Top 4 Hair Tips to keep you drippin’ in finesse all throughout your Valentine’s Day!

True and Pure Texture Natural Curly Hair Extensions


#1: Slay Up (Day Before)

Valentine’s Day is about delivering on what you love, and what your mate loves. So, this is the time to go to the favorites. His favorite, or your favorite…hairstyle. Rock something you feel so goooood about, or have your stylist slay up that style that makes his eyes get all googly-eyed every time you come back from the salon with it. Your man always has a look that he “loves”…and you know it too!

You may have been bucking it for a while, being Miss Versatile Furious Styles, but for this special date night – give it to him. Valentine’s Day is not the time to go all brand new. Don’t pull up to him while he’s watching the game the night before with 24 inches of brand new aqua-colored hair. Go to what works! Often this is your favorite look too. It’s the one that makes you feel so confident & beautiful, and this is the sauce to get him off!


#2: Turn Up (6pm)

Right before you roll out to your surprise date spot to turn up, this is the time to put your clutch touch up products in the game. Pull out your shine spray, and your edge tamer to give a little TLC to those edges that aren’t straight. Take out your curler to bump up some curls that may have gone flat. Plus, you may need your brush and volumizing comb. It varies per style, but overall this is the set that EVERYONE will need, no exception.

Remember, the slay is already in play – you just need this time to turn up the look, not over-perfect it. The time between day 1 and Valentine’s Day is all working to your favor because now you have an organic fray that’s very soft and beautiful. All women know they love their hair the best the day after because of this dynamic. At this point there’s a realness to your style that’s dope – and men really like it too. Keep in mind, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to the opposite sex to see a woman too overdone with a manufactured look (Trust me, I over hear a lot of Barbershop talk, and certain female celebs doing the most would be surprised at how much of a turnoff they are to men for this reason.) Men like their hair like their woman’s body…soft! So additional sheen for this very purpose works too.

#3: Wrap Up (11pm)

I know you love your hot new hairstyle & want to protect it for dear life, but on Valentine’s Night…FORGET ABOUT IT! Lol, but real talk, this is not the night to cover your crown & glory. Don’t bust up his whole fantasy you’ve built up by turning into Aunt Jemima in the bed with a wrap. If you can’t secure the style with one or 2 bobby pins to keep off your neck, don’t worry about it. Light pinning and a cute satin red pillow case to fit the vibe of the moment can work. This protects your hair without taking away your sexy aesthetic.

True and Pure Texture Natural Curly Hair Extensions

#4: Fix Up (morning after)

Now that your hair is Hella Smashed (in my Issa Rae voice) … Lol, but for real – hopefully it’s a little smashed…but not trashed. Where there’s love there’s life. You loved on your honey the night before, and now you can love on your hair. Bye!

Lol – ok, I won’t leave you hanging. Last hair tip – take your fingers and fluff your hair up from the roots to the halfway point to volumize it. This is where you’ll learn that your style has memory. Lift out from the roots to bring the volume & elevation out from the style. Shake your hair softly – which may seem contrary to what most think will revive their style (i.e. pat it down/smooth it down). Shaking hair from left to right activates your hair to move. That’s why it’s so important to have a soft hairstyle, which makes it pliable and soft enough to manipulate it back – giving your hair its lasting ability.

Have A Happy Kinky Super Lover Valentine’s Day from True & Pure Texture Extensions!

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