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Jasmine Coil vs Relaxed Natural True and Pure Texture


For all my Type 4B-4C curly hair girls that love the kinky curly realness and perfect texture match of our True + Pure Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions…

but also love the goddess kinky straight vibes of our Relaxed Natural Blowout extensions…

The dilemma of having to choose between the two, when you know you can slay both like the real deal Holyfield texture champ you are, can get real complicated and - hmmm how can I put it...kinky lol.

#SayLess…we gotcha!

For all my curly hair extensions and natural blowout texture queens – we’re about to make that kinky coily vs kinky straight decision soooo simple for ya!


Remember when the 80/20 Relationship Rule was dropped in Tyler Perry’s movie “Why Did I Get Married?” Jill Scott (Sheila) had to let her bum ex (Mike) know she was the 80%, and his side piece was the 20%, when he regretfully tried to justify the 80/20 Rule to slide back into her life after she already had gotten boo’d up by a real one.

Well here’s the 80/20 real for our Type 4B-4C girls making a decision between Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions or Relaxed Natural Blowout.

80/20 Kinky Curly Straight Rule: When selecting your texture, align with the way you would wear your hair extensions 80% of the time.

CHOOSE JASMINE COIL CURLY HAIR EXTENSIONS…if you intend to wear a twist-out and rock curly hair extensions that match your own texture, the majority of the time – and you intend to blow it out less.

Jasmine Coil

True and Pure Texture - Natural Hair Extensions

CHOOSE RELAXED NATURAL BLOWOUT HAIR EXTENSIONS…if you intend to wear your hair blown out, straight, and silk pressed the majority of the time – and intend to wear a twist-out less.

True and Pure Texture - Natural Hair Extensions
True and Pure Texture - Natural Hair ExtensionsTrue and Pure Texture - Natural Hair Extensions

For all my fly curly hair extensions girls that rock True + Pure Jasmine Coil – I cannot underscore enough that this texture performs and conforms like real Type 4B-4C coily hair. You chose this “True + Pure” brand and love it because it is true to the name and does exactly what your hair is supposed to. Its texture fragility is still real.

Hence…JASMINE COIL IS NOT INTENDED TO BE FLAT IRONED CONSISTENTLY! High heat on hair is still high heat on hair – which is damaging to this texture, whether it’s your own natural curly hair or our premium virgin curly hair extensions.

True and Pure Texture - Natural Hair Extensions

So hey girl – don’t be buying no curly hair extensions to wear it straight every day!

Case in point – one of our True + Pure Texture customers bought Jasmine Coil 24-inch curly hair extensions. But she was obsessed with blowing it out and flat ironing it. She reached out to us and was like “OMG…the hair I bought broke just like my hair.”

We discovered that it was only every once and a while that she truly wanted to wear a curly hair extensions’ look to match her true texture. Most of the time she wanted a natural straight look, one that she was flat-ironing her hair to death to achieve.

Her Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions broke shorter because she was trying to make the coily hair extensions straight every day. She was going ham on it just like a middle school 4C girl in the 80s doing her hair in the morning…just doing the most smh/lol.

Based on her 80/20 texture preference and tendencies, what she ultimately needed was our True + Pure Texture Relaxed Natural Blowout. So she decided to take her hair out to make a wig with it and ordered our Relaxed Natural.


If you wear your hair in this beautiful wash & go coily hair extensions state, fro-out, twist-out, and even pre-stretched or braid out, high texture 80% of the time – True + Pure Jasmine Coil is your girl because that’s her zone of genius. You also have the versatility option to blow it out and have straight texture moments 20% of the time.

But if you try to take this coily hair extension texture and put high heat and high stress on the delicate coily hair strands – it will damage and break.

The better option when you KNOW you want to have a natural blowout look most of the time – is our True + Pure Relaxed Natural Blowout. This beautiful straight frothy look is its zone of genius in that state.

This is what lends to your textured hair convenience, ease of care, and ease of aesthetic – because you’re not fighting against the natural state of the curly hair texture. You’re simply allowing the magic of our True + Pure natural hair extensions, already in your preferred desired texture state, to do the daily work for you!

True and Pure Texture - Natural Hair Extensions

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