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CALLING ALL TEXTURE COLORISTS - you are in for a True + Pure level up treat! Step into the vibrant world of hair color with these 2 well-renowned stylists!

On this IG Live "Curlfriends: Stylist Edition" master colorist, owner of K. Louise Boutique Salon, & 2X Behind the Chair One Shot Hair Awards Winner - Kara Williams aka "The Hair Color Killer" connected with True + Pure Texture founder and Salon PK owner, Pekela Riley, to delve into the realm of hair color innovation for curly hair extensions.

They discussed the hottest color trends and Kara's most True + Pure experience with the latest color crave rocking the texture world and curly hair extensions industry, the new True Colors pre-colored hair extensions collection.

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Why would a master colorist like Kara prefer pre-colored curly textured hair extensions like True Colors?

During this IG Live Kara openly shared with Pekela how the dreadful laboring task of coloring hair extensions, led to her no longer coloring hair extensions. "When I began doing more color on natural hair and my clients were asking me to color match their bundles with their hair - the time and ability to actually match with those very particular colors...would either destroy the hair or it wouldn't be possible to get past a certain level, or it would take more product and more time than it actually took me to actually color the person's hair," said Kara. #Brutal

Pekela chimed in and spoke on why stylists make the mistakes with textured hair color that ruins curly hair extensions. "When we don't want to color curly hair extensions, we tend to color them expeditiously. I've seen stylists microwave color with curly hair extensions because you feel you can do this - and we feel it's not worth the time, which can ruin the curly hair extensions."

Hence...the innovative power of TRUE COLORS! All Love, No Labor!

Kara is one of the first stylists outside of Salon PK to use True Colors on their clients. Kara - a True + Pure Texture enthusiast, stated - "I've always been an advocate of True + Pure Texture. I've referred it to my brides, and just many clients when its like 'If you're gonna take me out of my box and make me color some curly hair extensions...this is the only curly hair extensions that you can buy for me to color'."

So why would a master colorist like Kara the "Hair Color Killa" LOVE True Colors pre-colored curly hair extensions?

Kara stated, "This is luxury hair! The color blends. I was most impressed by the Ashe Blonde (Blonde-Brown) because those are colors you can never get...ever, in any type of texture. The curl patterns were amazing. I love the blend on my natural clients, not just my loose natural clients, but the beauty on clients with tighter textures - who are now able to have extensions with color but it's something that just has not existed." 

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Pekela shared how important it was for her to ensure each color within the collection could exist on its own as well as being designed to play with each other. Each of the color shades can be blended together. "It's literally the transformative power of almost bringing someone's persona to life," said Pekela.

Texture stylists nor curly hair extensions naturalistas ever have to worry about the issues, expense, and loss of time in dealing with coloring curly hair extensions with the spellbound magic of instant curly hair extensions hair color encompassed in the new True Colors - pre-colored curly hair extensions for all textures. All Love, No Labor. 

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 Watch this entire IG Live convo on the True + Pure Texture YouTube Channel here.

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