Quick & cute: 4 easy ponytail styles for summer

Ponytail Hair Extensions - Quick & cute: 4 easy styles for summer

Perfect Ponytail Hair Extenions


Quick & cute: 4 easy ponytail styles for summer - True and Pure Texture

It's hot, sis! The last thing you want to worry about this summer is your hair. There's a million other things to focus on this season, so let us help.

Our Perfect Ponytail Hair Extensions are an excellent style alternative for the days you want to switch things up a bit and achieve quick, easy versatile protective up styling in a snap! We offer easy-to-attach and comfortable ponytails that are full of volume, providing elevated glam instantly.


True + Pure Ponytail Hair Extensions are currently available in four inclusive textures, which all include a beginner-friendly drawstring feature, allowing easy installation and generous style versatility. You can wear it free, in a bun, up-styled, with faux bangs AND MORE!


Check out our options below.


Relaxed Natural - Natural Blowout

Relaxed Natural - Natural Blowout  - True and Pure Texture

Choose this texture for the perfect blowout texture, that's visually organic in appearance. Relaxed Natural is airy, soft, and full of body! it is literally the perfect mirroring of natural hair that has been blow-dried straight, providing desired straightness and subtle micro-texture for natural hair blending. It is available in two lengths: 20" and 26".

Sasha Curl - Type 3B-3C

Sasha Curl Type 3b 3c

Choose this natural texture extension ponytail, well-defined texture and provides the perfect hybrid of curls and waves. Sasha Curl presents an organic corkscrew pattern, making it one of the best options for low-maintenance, wet-n-go styling. It is available in two lengths: 20" and 26".

Island Curl - Type 3A

Island Curl - Type 3a

Choose this texture for stand-out definition and versatility. Island Curl allows you to enjoy beautiful curls that bounce back when wet or enhanced with manipulation, such as wand curls. It is available in two lengths: 20" and 26".

Jasmine Coil - Type 4B-4C

Jasmine Coil - Type 4b-4c True and Pure Texture

Choose this texture for organically zig-zag coils, flawlessly kinky natural hair and highly textured beauty styling. Jasmine Coil provides ultra volume, realistic texture, and style statement. It is convenient for blending with most natural hair. It is available in two lengths: 16" and 20".


Check out the video above if you need help with the installation and styling process. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook @trueandpuretexture and slide into our DM's with all of your questions or concerns. We're always here to help!

Let's stay cute and cool this summer, sis!

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