The Soft LIfe - True and Pure Texture

Welcome to “The Soft Life” where self love is magnetically glowing and overflowing all throughout your entire mind, body, spirit…and gorgeous texture. 

The Soft Life is also our True + Pure Texture theme during March and Women’s History Month, where we celebrate YOU loving and embracing the soft…feminine…beautiful…divine…flower blooming True + Pure essence of everything YOU already are in the present moment.


Pekela Riley Reflects On The Soft Life True and Pure Texture

The Soft Life is defined as a lifestyle of comfort and relaxation with minimal challenges or stress. The Soft Life is living a life of unapologetic self love, self care, comfort, good vibes, & low stress. If there’s one word that could capture the essence of The Soft Life, it’s:


The Soft Life means quick, simple and easy! Whatever allows you to feel beautiful and brunch ready at any time.

The Soft Life Is:

  • Self Love
  • Inner Joy
  • Putting You 1st 
  • Enjoying Nothing
  • Wellness Day Off
  • Flow
  • Off The Grid
  • Instant Relief

The Soft Life is not:

  • Self-doubt
  • Expectations
  • Prioritizing
  • Others Over You
  • Doing Everything
  • Hustle Culture
  • Grind
  • On The Gram
  • Constant Stress


The Soft Life - as it relates to natural hair and curly hair extensions - means quick, simple and easy! Whatever allows you to feel beautiful and brunch ready at any time!

True + Pure Texture infuses The Soft Life throughout our entire brand experience so that you are able to enjoy all the self love softness that goes along with forever-ready curly hair extensions that save you precious time to do what you want anytime - without the hair stress.

True and Pure Texture The Soft Life



The Soft Life True and Pure Texture

Your self love power is in the now…and you can choose to make your now as soft, serene, and joyful as possible. You’re not a human doing, you’re a human being. All you ever have to do is tap into your most True + Pure highest self is simply just BE!

When embracing The Soft Life, you no longer have to race through the day, burning the midnight oil, pushing the pedal to the medal, and riding this thing called life until the wheels fall off…along with precious strands of curly hair.

Sweetheart, today and for as long as you want, you can choose to be all about That Soft Life.

You’re empowered to create a self care inner and outer safe space of unconditional self love - protected by high vibration boundaries where no more hustle culture, struggle love, and Insta-stressors can co-exist.

Less work and more fun melanin stimulation in the sun. Less grind and more wine in the bathtub or jacuzzi. And if you so freely choose to eliminate the stress of spending countless hours every week styling your hair – in exchange for a super sexy ready-to-go curly hair extensions TruPart, with little to no leave-out, in your favorite texture…we got you!  



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