Read This Before You Get Microlinks!

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Read This Before You Get Microlinks!


As a natural hair extension brand, women of color often ask if we offer Microlinks, and the answer is "YES!" All of our weft hair, also known as virgin hair bundles, can be installed as Microlinks because Microlinks can only be done with weft hair, aka our premium BUNDLES!

True and Pure Texture Natural Hair Extensions

The term "Microlink" refers to an installation method, not a specific type of Hair. Microlink Installation includes securing bundle Hair to hair strands by way of a small silicone bead. Unlike a sew-in, there are NO BRAIDS involved, which will result in an almost undetectable flatter look. There is also no glue or chemicals (unless being color-treated) and minimal heat usage during installation. The micro link install alone is a relatively quick process and should leave your natural Hair completely undamaged when done correctly.

True and Pure Texture Microlinks

If you've been thinking about getting micro links, here's a few things you should know and consider before booking your appointment. Keep reading, sis!


Many natural hair women choose Microlinks to achieve a natural and versatile hairstyle while adding more length and volume to their Hair. They can also be a top-tier choice for individuals desiring longevity with their Hair. Depending on care and maintenance, Microlinks can last up to three months. Understanding that this is indeed an investment, we recommend having your Hair professionally shampooed every two weeks and tightened every three to four weeks, and using premium natural hair extensions only. While Microlinks can work well for all hair types and natural hair textures, they are an ideal option for those with relaxed Hair with at least 10-12 weeks of new growth before installation.

Microlinks also provide easy access to your scalp for complete treatment, which will allow you to continue conditioning your natural Hair while they are installed. Some worry that Microlinks will feel tight like braids, but they are generally a very low-tension hairstyle. Celebrity Stylist Pekela Riley describes them as "light and airy," compared to other installations forms. Microlinks can be an option for someone with fine Hair because more coverage can be achieved by placing the weft closer to the hairline.

True and Pure Texture Micro Links

It would be best if you treated micro links like your actual Hair. Brush and comb your Hair often to avoid natural hair issues, like unwanted tangles and matting. Use minimal heat, proper products and to ensure the longevity of the style. Remain mindful of your microlinks and be gentle; this will keep you from hitting the beads when styling. Pekela Rileyrecommends the Felicia Leatherwood brush as an excellent tool for texture type 3A to 4c Hair.


While Microlinks offer ultimate style versatility, keep in mind that your options do depend on the length of your Natural Hair. For instance, as long as you can put your natural Hair into a ponytail without hair extensions, you will be able to achieve that same but fuller and longer look with microlinks. Then, of course, you can opt to wear it all down, but upstyling is very possible. We love a good 1/2 up 1/2 down True and Pure Texture moment!


"I'm scared the humidity will expose me!" Well, sis... the truth of the matter is that nothing is 100% humidity proof. We recommend styling your Hair according to the weather and staying clear of rain. For nightly maintenance, consider Flexi rods, pin curls, hair rollers, or traditionally wrapping your Hair. As you would with any hairstyle, wear your bonnet, use a satin scarf, or sleep on a satin pillowcase. We can't stress how much of an investment Microlinks are, so you're going to want to take good care of them and use True and Pure Texture Extensions- the best extensions.

Speaking of investments, let's talk about Microlink costs. Microlinks can range anywhere between $500 and $1000 depending on location, stylist, etc. Some hairstylists offer the option of purchasing the general Hair directly from them for your install but keep in mind that this is a process that should be done ONLY with premium weft hair. At True + Pure Texture, we provide the best natural hair texture and quality hair extensions that create solutions for your styling needs, including Microlinks!

Choose from a variety of natural hair textures and lengths at for your new micro link install. We can't wait to see you slay! Tag us.

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