Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig + Ponytail

What type of influencer would you have if you combined a 90s crazy-sexy-cool vibe, with a little Ciara meets City Girls #WerkIt girl dance prowess, who simultaneously delivers hella natural textured hair looks to an audience of over 200K on the daily?

You would have one of the dopest Natural Hair Influencers in the game – Alana Simone aka “Lana” @ina90skindofworld on Instagram. 

Lana has been CRUSHIN her True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig + Ponytail – which is the perfect match for her natural 3B-3C curly textured hair type.

In a 90s kind of world…with her 2020s kind of curls POPPIN! 

Here’s what our latest True + Pure Texture brand ambassador has to say on living the textured hair empowered life!

T+P: How important is protective styling in your healthy haircare regimen, especially as a natural hair influencer constantly on the go?

Lana: Protective styling is so important because it gives me the opportunity to give my natural hair a break. Although as influencers its trendy to switch up your hairstyles, you have to find protective styling options to give your natural hair a break.

A protective style wig like the True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart wig is perfect for making my life way simpler. Its also a perfect match my texture.

All I had to do was moisturize my hair and put it in twists before putting on my Sasha Curl TruPart Wig, which functions like a U-Part Wig, and I was all good & ready to go!

T+P: What were your naturalista texture goals in choosing to rock True + Pure Texture? 

Lana: One of main goals was to find a texture that matched my hair curl pattern to a “t!” The True + Pure Sasha Curl 3B - 3C curly texture type is my perfect match. People see me and are “wowed” – like, “Girl what did you do to your hair.”

T+P: What do you like most about rockin True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig?  

Lana: I love how easy it is to apply! It’s a great option for beginners, or people like me who don’t wear lace front wigs or u-part wigs often. The TruPart wig makes it easy to put on.

T+P:  What benefits have you seen in being able to rock the TruPart wig, which has U- Part wig features, yet it has 90% less leave out?

Lana: The huge benefit to rocking the True + Pure TruPart Sasha Curl wig is not having to blend much of my natural hair. The more hair you leave out the more you have to blend and worry about matching your hair. But the fact the True + Pure TruPart wig has 90% less leave-out significantly reduced that concern.

There’s also so many ways to wear the True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig, and its not a hassle when you take it on and off. Its way quicker to put on, unlike a sew-in.

T+P: What do you like most about rockin True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl Ponytail?

Lana: I love the curl pattern, and how quick it is to take the Sasha Curl ponytail on and off. I was nervous at first, but when I put the ponytail in it held on really well to my bun and felt really secure. Its very light too.

T+P: How liberating is it as a Black woman with texture to have a luxury quality hair extensions/protective styling offering like True + Pure that matches your very own texture?

Lana: It’s a great feeling! I feel like as a whole, we’ve come so far with textured hair extensions. True + Pure Texture is such a game changer because for women of color, it allows you to embrace your natural hair, and at the same time switch up your look in minutes.

My True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig and Ponytail creates instant volume and makes an instant natural hair fashion and empowerment statement.

T+P: For our aspiring natural hair influencers - what's your secret sauce for coming up with such supa dope natural hair content?

Lana: *Lana looks into her proverbial hot sauce bag* lol. There’s not one recipe for the secret sauce…it’s more so like a gumbo lol. I try to make sure whatever I’m putting out is authentic and unique to me. My advice is to make sure you’re being true to who you are.

Whenever I’m being myself, it never feels like I’m doing work. If I had to pretend to be someone else, or try to dance if I didn’t like dancing, it would be draining. But I create all the content I do because I truly love it and it’s organic to me.

I’d also suggest going against the grain. It’s ok to not always follow the crowd. It’s good to standout. So many are using the same content trends and music – you got to ask yourself, “How does my content stand out from the rest.”

Also – this is a very important tip for all content creators: Whenever you have an idea, write it down. Stop whatever you’re doing and jot it in your phone. There’s so many times I had a dope idea and forgot it because I didn’t write it down. Lastly – never be content. Don’t get to a point where you hit cruise control. I’m always looking up new apps to make my content better, and putting in the work to learn it regardless of the hours it takes. It’s all a win if it helps you grow and become better. 

T+P: True + Pure is all about self-love. What's your favorite self-love activity and how does it magnify your own inner state of peace and happiness?

Lana: Ever since I was young, I’ve loved listening to music and dancing. Music and dancing have always had a way of putting me in a better mood.

Despite my busy schedule, I always make sure I take time for myself. We must be mindful of doing so. I pick a day out of the week where I don’t do anything but relax. No content, I even make sure to put my computer away.

I must have a me day!

T+P: Ok Lana – everyone in the True + Pure family must play our “Word Game.”

Lana: Ok, let’s get it!

Word Game:

T+P: Favorite R&B Group From The 90s:

Lana: TLC 

T+P: Favorite Rapper From The 90s:

Lana: 2Pac & Tribe Called Quest

T+P: Place Where You Got The Most Compliments While Rockin Your True + Pure Texture Sasha Curl TruPart Wig or Ponytail:

Lana: I get compliments everywhere when wearing my True + Pure Texture.

Aside from Instagram - the mall, gas station, grocery store – the guy who was

ringing me out said, “I love the hair.”

Nobody can tell if the hair is mine or not, which is really cool.

T+P: The Last Dance You Did At A Party, & What Time Was It When You Did It:

Lana: Yesterday I did the Kid N Play with my bff at a day party, around 3pm.

T+P: The Most Exciting Event You Have Planned For This Upcoming Hot Girl


Lana: San Diego & Jamaica

T+P: One Word That Captures How You Feel When Rockin True + Pure Texture:

Lana: Like-A-Baddie. Lol

T+P: That was fun! Lastly, if you could empower every Black woman in the world with your most True + Pure message…what would it be?

Lana: Always love yourself, flaws and all, and stay “True + Pure” to who you are!


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