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True and Pure Texture



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Beautiful Human Hair Extensions

Specifically crafted, our 4a and 4b 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions match beautiful Natural 4a and 4b Hair Texture. Each weft is flawlessly machine stitched for durability. 

 If you are looking for premium 4a hair and 4b hair, look no further. 

We recommend at least 2 bundles for lengths up to 20 inches and at least 3 bundles for lengths over 20 inches.

  • Meticulous Quality
  • Virgin Human Hair Extensions
  • Natural Hair Blending
  • Your texture - Just More
  • Tight Coiled S Pattern

Details about this texture:

Our 4a Hair and 4b Hair texture Natural Human Hair Extensions mimic natural 4a and 4b hair at its best! 

This custom tight coiled hair has an “S” pattern and provides glamorous volume and versatility.  The texture is similar to our Jasmine Coil texture but is moderately looser in texture and can be easier to manage. Provides high-level texture that’s bold and beautiful. 

Layla Curl can be perfect for twist-outs and realistic ‘wash n fro’ styling.  This hair can be colored, blown out, and heat-styled with all of our True and Pure Texture Human Hair Extensions.

If you are looking for premium 4a hair and 4b hair, look no further.  

This texture is available in Extensions, Tape-Ins, Micro Loop, Clip-Ins, 4x4 Lace Front Closures, and Lace Front wigs.

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