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We know firsthand the beauty and versatility of natural 4C hair. However, maintaining our natural coily curly hair can be quite the challenge, especially when we want to switch things up with protective styling. That's where True + Pure Texture Jasmine Coil-4C curly hair extensions come through in the clutch.

Jasmine Coil-4C curly hair extensions are specifically designed to protect, lengthen, and extend  the beauty of your own natural 4C curly hair. And it’s the perfect match! There's no need to worry about blending or matching textures – because these extensions are made for our very own beautiful hair types.


What sets Jasmine Coil-4C hair extensions apart from other options on the market is our ethical sourcing and exclusive type 4 microtexture mastery. True + Pure Texture takes pride in ensuring that the hair used for our extensions is obtained ethically and sustainably. And when it comes to texture, we have mastered the specific needs of type 4 hair, resulting in the highest quality curly hair extensions in the industry that blend seamlessly and look natural.

And don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Michelle Obama’s hairstylist - Yene Damtew, said when selecting Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions clip-ins for one of her 4C curly girl bridal clients:

Yene Damtew, Celebrity Hairstylist, Type 4 Hair, 4C Hair, Jasmine Coil, Curly Hair Extensions, Textured Hair Extensions, Jasmine Coil Clip Ins,

This bride was so sweet and excited to talk about ways to wear her natural curls down the aisle…and I knew the exact extensions that would be perfect for her texture! I used Jasmine Coil Clip-Ins from True + Pure Texture. These curly hair extensions were a flawless match with the client’s hair and she was THRILLED with the final look”

If Yene chooses to slay the 4C way with True + Pure Texture Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions when styling her 4C clients for their very special wedding day…so should every 4C girl in the U.S.A and beyond!

Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions are the ultimate protective styling for coily curly natural hair, plus you can switch up any style using Jasmine Coil curly hair extensions with ease. Whether we want to rock textured fro' or a chic bob, Jasmine Coil-4C hair extensions make it possible. Plus, with our ethical sourcing and exclusive type 4 microtexture mastery, you can trust that we're using quality human hair extensions that align with your values.

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We will always celebrate the beauty of natural 4c hair and its bestie hair twin  - Jasmine Coil-4C curly hair extensions. It’s the perfect match and will hold you down when going for any style, including your most gorgeous natural look in a wedding gown.

Select your perfect match True + Pure Texture Jasmine Coil extensions here.

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