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True and Pure Texture



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NEW Premium Deep Curly Tape In Hair Extensions  

Tape-In Hair Extensions are the fastest hair extension method and the newest trend in textured hair installs. Our premium Textured Tape-In Hair Extensions are durable in hold and residue-free at removal.

  • 20 Tape In Hair Extensions per set (50 grams) 
  • We recommend 3-4 sets for a natural install and 4-5 sets for an extra full install.

Endless length and full possibilities with Tape In Hair Extensions!

Tape-In Hair Extensions are:

  • Fast: Each weft comes pre-taped and requires no tools or heat. Installation is fast and can be done in as little as 30 minutes.
  • No Damage: Tape-In Hair Extensions are super gentle on the hair. Our medical-grade adhesive is specially formulated to attach securely to the hair until the next move-up visit.
  • Long-Lasting: Our Tape-In Hair Extensions are semi-permanent, lasting 6 - 8 weeks in between move-up appointments. On average True + Pure Texture Tape In Hair Extensions can be reused 1 - 3 times and last between 5 - 9 months with proper care. 

How Tape-In Hair Extensions Work

Tape-In Hair Extensions functions by sandwiching human hair pieces with adhesive strips to your own real hair. Our premium tape in hair extensions provides volume and length instantly. 

The adhesive glue typically weakens after a few weeks, lasting on average from 4 to 8 weeks for most hair extension wearers. 

Tape in hair extensions can be removed or replaced anytime you the time you wish with a gentle solvent, like c-22 although it’s not recommended prior to 4 weeks. 

 Do Tape In Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Any hair extension install method can but that doesn’t mean they will. 

Tape-In Hair Extensions are easy to use and are generally hassle-free to place in hair yet will only last as long as your natural hair growth. 

When Tape In Hair Extensions become noticeable, they’ll need to be replaced to a higher position. 

Textured hair Tape-In Hair Extensions work best by not removing your Tape-In Hair Extensions until they naturally begin to loosen.  

 When Should I Use Tape In Hair Extensions 

  • You need thicker, longer hair for more than a month
  • You only need to add 3 or fewer sets here and there for filling length and volume 

When Not To Use Tape In Hair Extensions 

  • You need a volume boost for less than a week 
  • You need to cover your whole head with extensions

How Long Do Tape-In Hair Extensions Typically Last?
When properly cared for, Tape In Hair Extensions can last from 4 to 8 weeks. The range depends greatly on a lot of other factors like your natural hair growth, your daily hair care regimen, and so on…

Details About This Texture

The Perfect 3b 3c Curly Coily textured Tape In Hair Extensions, presents an organic corkscrew pattern making it one of the best 3b and 3c natural hair Tape-In Hair Extensions for lower maintenance wet n go styling. Our Sasha Curl 3b and 3c Tape In Hair Extensions texture is the perfect induction for the 3b and 3c textured hair novice because of its balance of texture and ease of control. This 3b and 3c hair texture offers maximum versatility for wash n go, blowouts, rod setting, and more.

This texture is available in Tape-In, ExtensionsTruPart™ WigClip-InsPonytailsMicro loopsClosuresHeadband Wigs, and Lace Front Wigs


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